AWC3 Webinar Series


Recordings for the Spring 2020 Webinar Series 

A total of 20 webinars were conducted in different categories that ranged from regulatory requirements, ecology, best management practices to including innovative technology and tools to perform the work more effectively.


Recordings for the Fall 2021 Webinar Series

There are 8 webinar and 1 technical seminar recordings available that has been conducted in Oct-Nov 2021. 


Recording for Spring 2022 Webinar Event

Spring 2022 webinar event was concluded on April 21, 2022. Experts presented on a range of topics from permitting for WCC restorations, compliance program, road design and sedimentation as well as regulatory requirements. 

The key objectives of the webinar series is to fulfill the AWC3 objectives 1 and 2 that aims at information transfer, education and training.