Alberta Watercourse Crossing Collaborative
Spring 2020 Webinar Series

AWCCC conducted a series of webinars during April-June 2020, this fulfilled its objectives 1 and 2 about Information Transfer, Education and Training. Here are the recordings of each presentation.

Watercourse Crossing Management Directive

Wendy Giamberardino, AEP


WCC Inventory and Assessment and Mobile Applications

Jorden Hayes, WNI



Status of Alberta Native Trout Species

Adrian Meineke, AEP


Construction BMP’s: Culvert Removal, Stream Restoration and Bridge Installation

Steve Acorn, Acorn Environmental



Sediment Risk and Road Design

Michael Wagner, AAF


Use of Drones and Spatial Software for WCC Planning

Iain Sharp, WNI



Measuring Fish Habitat Connectivity in Freshwater Ecosystems

Mark Poesch, UofA


Use of Terrestrial LiDAR for WCC Management

Javed Iqbal, AAF



Alberta WCC Regulatory Overview,
including Area Based Closures

Mike Hunka, AER


Engineering Design for Creek Crossings

Michael Bender, Millennium EMS



Collaborating with Friends Colleagues and Enemies to Achieve WCC Goals

Matthew Pyper, FUSE Consulting


Crossing Alternatives: Application of an Open Bottom Plastic Arch

Ben Poltorak, Earthmaster Environmental Strategies




Roadway WCC Management in the Boreal Region

Paul Harrington, AER



Ecological BMP’s Required to Conduct WCC Repair,
Replacement, or Restoration

Bruce Nielsen, WNI



Current Compliance and Enforcement Standards and Guidelines

Owen Cook, AEP


Driving a Cultural Shift through the use of Resource Infrastructure Standard Specifications

Ponting, SureSpan Construction



A Collaborative Approach to WCC
Restoration During Area Based Closures

Sean Beattie, CNRL


Landscape Level Cumulative Effects of Poor WCC,
Swan River Watershed Case Study

B. Poltorak, I. Sharp, & J. Iqbal



WCC Data Mgmt. and Restoration Plan Development and Submission

Daniel Monaco, WNI


Effects of Backcountry Use and Linear Disturbances Along WCC’s

T. Boag, C. Lund, Applied Aquatic Research Ltd.